"It’s the most difficult thing to do, but we have to fight to keep our hearts from growing old and cold."

greet the dawn

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Song Idea #1

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February 2012

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I implore you

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Awhile back I made this website that you guys never saw, it is called playprettysongs.com; it is just a place for me to share my playlists with the world. I most recently posted my new rainy day mix, which has some great music from Olafur Arnalds, Bon Iver, Nils Frahm, m83 and a lot more peeps (including an awesome Squarepusher song that Joe showed me in October). You can preview it or check it out on Grooveshark, Rdio or Spotify here. If you are interested in the other humdrum music I've been listening to, here's a screenshot of my heavy rotation:You can imagine how much reverb is involved just by looking at the color palette! Amazing. However, if you want to see something truly perplexing, take a look at Ben's heavy rotation: I guess a famous person once said that it is good to listen to more than one type of music. I can just imagine him at Contraband Coffee just grooving out to Olafur like freaking Undan hulu "I LOVE THIS EFFIN VIOLA MAN!" and then just wobbling to Skrillex straight up bro-step WAAHHH WAHHHH WAAHHHH WAHHHHH. <3 Ben. ANYWAYS, a few days ago I was sitting at a coffee shop and Under Pressure started playing, which at the time was very pertinent. The last time I heard that song I was eating at Wayfare Tavern with Annie and Brian and we talked about how it reminded us of college classes getting out at noon etc etc. I can't wait to share with you guys what this song will remind me of in the future. But for now, this is a pretty amazing visual:  What have you guys been listening to recently?

let's talk about …

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Last week Brian and I stayed up all night to get Radiohead presale tickets for the San Jose concert. This is something I usually excel at because I will put everything in life aside to see Their Greatness... this time was no different.   We got stationed at our computers at 12am, ready to check every hour on the hour (and sometimes in between) even though 2:00am PST is usually the rumored time. Thank god the rumors were wrong because, quite predictably, Tiff's internet went down at about 1:30. We waited around for a couple hours, checking for tickets on our phones and praying that the internet would come back. Out of pure desperation, we decided to go to the Yelp office at 3:15am.   View from the 9th floor, around 7:00am   Once again, every hour on the hour we checked for tickets, always to no avail. Around 7am we decided to go upstairs so that Brian could take naps every 30 minutes.... And then... 10 o'clock came around...   What you are about to read is a transcript of True Fans (including me) at their absolute finest (and some at their absolute worst). Please enjoy Radiohead fans just going absolutely stupid...   [10:00 AM] jason10am: here we go [10:01 AM] chapin: GOT IT GOTI TI [10:01 AM] chapin: YEYEYEYEYEY [10:01 AM] chapin: GAGAGA BABY [10:01 AM] chapin: GOT THAT SHITTTT [10:01 AM] goomgirl: YYEEEESSSSS [10:02 AM] chapin: FUCK YEAH LETS RUN THIS SHITTTTTTTTT [10:02 AM] chapin: GET MONEY FUCK BITCHES [10:02 AM] jeff_micklos: LOVE [10:02 AM] jeff_micklos: EVERYONE [10:02 AM] jeff_micklos: LOVE [10:02 AM] wanttosleep: YES [10:02 AM] wanttosleep: LOVE [10:02 AM] wanttosleep: LVOE [10:02 AM] jared12: go tit [10:02 AM] jared12: love [10:02 AM] jared12: love to everyone [10:02 AM] tired_in_pdx2: FUCK [10:02 AM] tired_in_pdx2: FUCK [10:02 AM] nononono11: FUCK!FUCK! [10:02 AM] jason10am: got mine [10:02 AM] ingenioos: FUCK [10:02 AM] chapin: GET MONEY FUCKERSSSSS [10:02 AM] chapin: HAHAHAHHAHAHA [10:02 AM] jnhh: ohh shiiit [10:03 AM] scatter: WHAT THE FUCK [10:03 AM] knife: got 4 tix [10:03 AM] th2w0000: OFMG [10:03 AM] th2w0000: i got 4 fLOOT [10:03 AM] th2w0000: YES [10:03 AM] jnhh: and when i first refreshed it hella didnt load [10:03 AM] wanttosleep: FUCK GOD DAMN I DID NOT GET FLOOR [10:03 AM] th2w0000: AYAYAYAYYAAYAYYA [10:03 AM] th2w0000: FUCK YES [10:03 AM] curved_hair: so intense [10:03 AM] radiolarian: wow [10:03 AM] jnhh: YES GOT THEM [10:03 AM] curved_hair: TWO FLOOR TICKETS< WOOHOOO [10:03 AM] photogenic1: fuck yeah man 4 tix GA FLOOR [10:04 AM] warrenlain: GOT 4 [10:04 AM] dkat2: I love all of you 4am-ers [10:04 AM] ingenioos: YES YES YES 4 GA for seaattle [10:04 AM] jared12: holy shit sold out [10:04 AM] wanttosleep: fuuuuuuck fuck FUCK [10:04 AM] th2w0000: yaaaswa [10:04 AM] jared12: haha [10:04 AM] warrenlain: GOT IT [10:04 AM] robleszx: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS [10:05 AM] andy001: WOW1 [10:05 AM] th2w0000: 4 GA SJ [10:05 AM] warrenlain: 4 TIX BABY [10:05 AM] th2w0000: FUCK YES [10:05 AM] andy001: already solout [10:05 AM] warrenlain: CELEBRATE [10:05 AM] th2w0000: YES [10:05 AM] warrenlain: I TOLD YOU GUYS [10:05 AM] warrenlain: I TOLD YOU [10:05 AM] th2w0000: U DESEVE IT [10:05 AM] warrenlain: I TOLD YOU WE WOULD DO IT [10:05 AM] th2w0000: WE DESERVED IT [10:05 AM] th2w0000: !!!! [10:05 AM] warrenlain: TOLD YOU [10:05 AM] scatter: i cant believe this shit [10:05 AM] warrenlain: SEE YOU [10:05 AM] scatter: FYCIKGnfiasn [10:05 AM] photogenic1: fuck yeah [10:05 AM] tired_in_pdx2: FUCK [10:05 AM] willsleepwhendead: KILLL ME [10:06 AM] amnesiac: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [10:06 AM] th2w0000: YES [10:06 AM] amnesiac: I GOT IT [10:06 AM] robleszx: I loove you guys!! [10:06 AM] th2w0000: LFOOR [10:06 AM] amnesiac: ALL NIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 [10:06 AM] scatter: im going to cry [10:06 AM] nononono11: oh my god [10:06 AM] jnhh: damn [10:06 AM] jnhh: feels good [10:06 AM] nmn: woooooooooooo so exhausted [10:06 AM] nononono11: hands shaking [10:06 AM] willsleepwhendead: i want to die [10:06 AM] robleszx: my hands are shaking oh my godddd [10:06 AM] amnesiac: LUV YOU BROS   We had to get celebratory corned beef for lunch, amen.     anyways, love everyone all around, all you bros.


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roach-motella vol…

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december 2011

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Hey Joe!

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The coffee shop I am sitting at is playing the Album Leaf right now, that's awesome. Pictures. Last Monday I saw A Winged Victory for the Sullen which wasn't as good as Olafur but probably better than Eluvium. I am not even sure if it is cool of me to compare those artists against each other but I just did. The next day, Annie and I went to a talk about design by the lead designer of Mint. After this talk, I added a new rule to my list: "Don't trust a guy wearing an Armani t-shirt (specifically, don't take design advice from him)." After the talk, Ben, Annie and I got burgers at Super Duper, then proceeded to walk up the Nob. But what is a walk home in the cold without coffee? And since Blue Bottle closes early, there is only one choice. What you see above is Ben's first Pumpkin Spice Latte. Later that night Annie and I saw Grand Archives and I was, once again, faced with the Ulimate Struggle. After their set I went up and (restrainfully) said "Hey man, I really appreciate what you do! I had a hard time now yelling out Carissa's Wierd song titles." He was super appreciative, introduced himself then asked my name. "My name is Jeff, I don't do meth." The venue was approximately the size of Soma's side stage and it was, for the most part, empty. I had always assumed that Grand Archives was considerably more popular than they actually are, which made the concert kind of awkward (as you can see, there were 0 people in front of us). I felt so bad that such a talented and hardworking band doesn't have more of a following. Sorry for the abrupt ending, here is a video that is so perfectly me: 

I watched a video…

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things are just s…

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I know that if I try to write some epic post, it will never happen so I am just going to share some photos that I have taken the past month or so... So, I went on a boat to across the bay and I instantly turned into a tourist, especially at this candy store. I just had to buy everything, even a Simon stuffed animal. But most importantly, zots. Band of Horses! Something I have been waiting for forever but not as long as most people, as I came super late to the party. October started with bSturd coming up to San Francisco to talk to some companies. You can see him here on the Causes blacony with a good friend Adam. That night we saw Pains of Being Pure at Heart! One night Tiffs internet was down so Annie and I were forced to watch STANDARD CABLE ew omg gross what have we become? Anyways, the Mythbusters were doing this documentary on the death of Steve Jobs and they showed off this (then) 2-week old baby. See that website right there? I designed it front-to-back. You can even read more about the process riiighhhttttt here. Am I sad that only the death of sJobs could get my website on TV? Not at all. In fact, I would probably knock-off anyone for it to happen again. Or knock-up, what the hell. I read an article somwhere about Steves funeral and the guests who attended... Let me find it. Ahh, yes, here are some of the heavy hitters: Bill and Hilary Cilnton Jonny Ive Al Gore Bono Yo Yo Ma Larry Page Bill Gates But, to me, one name stuck out the most. The name of a friend that is near and dear to all of us. A friend who is there with us in the latest nights. A friend by no other than Tim Allen. aagguuuhhhhhhh!? I am not going to lie, this inspired me. It got me thinking of the great interactions that these two intellectuals shared. I decided to draw one out at work... Don't mind the mouse and cookie, that is for something else. More like Saves the GAY, am I right!? HAHA! YEAH, YOU ARE!! Then it was my birthday and we went to the Walt Disney Museum! Down there on the left you will see a grey cut out of Walt with a bunch of Mickeys, we took pictures in it. Oh my god Bon Iver just came up on shuffle and I want to listen to it but I can't but it makes me feel like I am going to cry this guitar tone is so smooth what should I do!? But I'm on the outside / I'm looking in / I can see through you / See your true colors / Cos inside you're ugly / You're ugly like me / I can see through you / See to the real you  All the businesses on Chesnut were decorated (ZINNNGGG!) for Halloween.  Here is Delarosa, which looks a lot stupider here than it did in real life. And Blue Barn which looked just about as cool as it does here. Hell yeah hanging skeltons thunder mountain cob web explosion grilled cheese menu with hidden Radiohead references that only I know about because I made them up. We saw El Ten Eleven at Annie's school with a bunch of Punk Rock For Life kids. After the concert I went up to the bassist and I said, "I am sure you get this all the time but I just want to thank you for Moses Leroy." He was super appreciative of it and responded by saying "Thanks man, actually, no one has ever said that." I always find it hard to hold back in these situations because what I really wanted to say was "Hey man, thanks for Moses Leroy I really L.O.V.E. it. The first time I heard it was the day my best friend hit a semi-truck head on and almost killed him and his band mates but me and my other best friend were just playing some effin Counter Strike at Tea2Net when it happened so we were safe but we were probably getting AWP'd. Also, there was the 4A acoustic version and the Fourth of July song that I have never fully heard because my CD is scratched but from what I have heard I love it. Also, I think I heard one of your songs on El Cajon Boulevard in 2005 in a Red Jeep at a Gas Station, possibly after bowling. Something about watching people walk on streets? I don't know and I probably never will. I am sorry I got you guys confused with Badly Drawn Boy and Her Space Holiday but it was all kinda during the same time and those are really great bands so it is really a compliment. Also, lol that your lead singer was in that one Gap poster that Liz had hanging in her room. WTF right? Also, why does he look like Lenny Kravitz?"  Here is a great picture of Minus the Bear. They played Highly Refined Pirates all the way through, which included Let's Play Guitar in a Five Guitar Band, which is the sole reason I went. I want to rant about that song but it will probably just turn out like my Incredible Moses Leroy rant. Very very very very related, Annie and I went to Target the other night and it was raining and The Radio Dept. was playing so I decided to tell some stories. I talked about Karina and Chloe and how Karina didn't like Radiohead but supposedly loved The Cure but had never heard Plainsong. And how Chloe indefinitely turned me away from anyone who likes Regina Spektor. I also told stories about people I completely forgot about like Megan and Emily (not the twins from middle school). Looking back, I appreciate their presence in my life because without them I would have never heard the Radio Dept and therefore, I would not be myself... but I certainly would have better hearing. Full circle. After Target, we went to Starbucks! Whoa! I made a big decesion at the counter, let me tell you. I opted for the Pumpkin Spice Latte, my first one ever because as a Wise Man once said, "Tis the Season." That is the most intense drink I have ever had in my life wtf how do people down that stuff? But we went back and I got another one. And I had one on Thursday and another on Friday. 2006 Jeff wouldn't be happy. Sadly, you have to do some things in life alone. For me, it was seeing Active Child and M83.Active Child is soooooo effin good I can't even stand it. No one else cared, though. M83 was possibly the cheesiest concert I have ever seen. I was shaking my head in utter dissapointment and confusion for half the show. Where is Sister Part 2? Moonchild? Safe? Coloring the Void? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ANTHONY!? WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE U2!? WHY IS YOUR ALBUM SO STEEPED IN IRONY!? WHY ARE YOU YELLING SO MUCH!? WHY DOES ONE OF YOUR FEW GOOD SONGS RIP PINK FLOYD SO HARD!? Chris, you might want to turn away right now... But when it was good it was great. Anyways, I think that is all I have for now. I can't wait to see you guys in 10 days or something like that. But before that I happens, I have to see A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Grand Archives! Wooo! What has everyone else been up to?

fall so far

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we played some pr…

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came to work this…

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oh my god

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morning walk roun…

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this is us

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moving cool pics

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