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Hey.So it's been a while since I've written anything on here.  May as well break the silence now.I haven't quite been up to much.  I still look for jobs about every day; the issue I think is that even if I saw a job I'd be able to get, I'm not really sure if I want it.  I'm getting better at "enjoying the uncertainty" of this time in my life, but I wish I knew how it would all work out.  Like, if I could flip ahead a few chapters, scan the pages for major plot developments and resolutions, and then come back to this page and live it through...I'd be more comfortable.  I'm getting the travel bug again.  I really want that road trip still.  I've been listening to a lot of Conor Oberst/later Bright Eyes (the road albums, not the emo albums) and it kind of kills me that I have all this time and am not taking advantage of it.  Work was pretty terrible yesterday and when I got out of there I just put "Moab" on and wanted to just go, get away.  My cousin just had her baby, so now I have an excuse to book it and go see Baby Gabe-y and the whole of America while I'm at it.  Again though, I need someone I can go with and with whom I want to share the experience.But maybe I'll start small.  Conor Oberst is actually playing a show next Tuesday, I believe, at a venue basically in the middle of no where (Pioneertown?  really?) (which is about two hours, forty-one minutes from my house), and I was thinking if I wasn't working, it would be kind of cool to go out there.  Anyway, just an idea.I've mostly been reading and watching tv and movies in my spare time.  One movie I was surprisingly impressed with was Adventureland, with the guy from Zombieland and Kristen Stewart.  I keep giving her chances for some reason, and I was kind of okay with her performance in this film.  But, of course, the reason I loved it was Jesse Eisenberg.  His character was oh so relatable (recent college grad with no marketable skills), and he's just a funny guy.  I'm getting pretty excited for The Social Network.  Anyway, Adventureland had a pretty nice soundtrack and it's funny and Bill from Freaks and Geeks is in it, so I say you should watch it if you ever have time.Oh, and I got glasses finally.  I never really realized just how bad my vision was until I put them on.  But besides that, there are no more developments in my life.  Hopefully something will happen.  I hate the lulls in life--I was talking with Katy the other night about contentedness, and I hate to say it, but it's just not in my nature to be happy with things being level and fine.  I like dips and peaks.  It makes life interesting.And that's pretty much all I have to say.  Hope you're all doing well.

life's a ferris w…

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Hey nerds, it's me, Gina.  I haven't written anything on here in so, so long, so I thought "hey, everyone is probably all torn up inside, wondering what you've been up to in the past two months!  Why don't you just give them some bullet points, throw them a bone!"  So beloved friends, here you go:I graduated college.  I don't think I've been on here since before that happened.  WOOOH!I hate that I graduated college.  I have panic attacks on the daily because I ain't gots much going for me in terms of building a career or anything really.Annie moved.  Janine moves midway through next month.  I cannot imagine what the next two years of my life will be like because I literally have no memory of my life pre-Szafranskis.I've been quickly developing and slowly crossing books off of a Book List.  It's very good--so far I've burned through A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (Dave Eggers is my soul mate); The Bluest Eye; Twilight and am halfway through New Moon.  I know it may appear that I've finally crossed the line from hate-loving to purely love-loving this series, but that is not so!  The writing is worse than the acting (Stephenie Meyer really needs to come up with a new way of describing Edward besides looking like a "gorgeous angel"), and the story lines are all so, so transparent and flimsy.  I hate most everything about them, so why do I keep seeing the films and reading the books?  I think it has something to do with masochism.speaking of Twilight, I just got back from seeing EclipseI enjoyed July 4th by drinking margaritas poolside.  La di dawe had our annual Sista Sista Disney Trip.  Year 5 was fruitful--we even got smart this time and decided to take a nap break during out 3 o'clock slump.  Smart thinkin' girls!That's all the interesting stuff, I believe.I'm done.  C ya.


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I had my graduation party yesterday which went really well.I got to wake up at a decent time.  Didn't have to clean.Went out with my mom to buy Gina wine and tie up the last minute scraps of preparation.Chose some good music.Got to finally put on my super cute outfit.THENMelissa, Michelle, and Natalie came over.Janine and Annie came over.Sarah Melvin came over.Stephanie and Paul came over.Jessica never came over even though she said she would.  Jessica never responded to my text asking where she was.She never even called.But whatever, I had lotsa fun without her.  It's just kind of rude, is all.Anyway, we headed to the Babick's party afterward and then headed to The Ould Sod which is now my favorite bar in the universe.Why?Because everyone thought Janine was having her bachelorette party due to the fact that she had a large, sparkly embellishment on her headband that I guess people mistook for a tiara.  This sounds like it would be obnoxious, but it was really great because one of the owners also had this misconception and he got her wasted for free!  YEAH!  Anyway, I had a great time because there was karaoke and I think I did real well.  Katy and I sang "Summer Lovin" (I made her be John Travolta...hey, it was my graduation celebration.  I got to call the shots), and then 5000 years later, I sang "9-5."  I even got compliments from people who were not my friends so I think it really did sound good this time.  Again, YEAH!  Next time I decide to karaoke I just need to make sure it's somewhere no one else wants to do it.  The Ould Sod was super crowded and I hate to wait waaay too long just to get two songs in.  Annie!  You're leaving so soon and we have so many things we still need to do.  Maybe we should just give each other a copy of our work schedules so that we'll know when the other is free and then when we aren't at work we can just be at each others' houses?  It sounds like the easiest way to go about it.So here, this is mine:Sunday 2-730Monday 230-730Tuesday 1130-430Wednesday OFFThursday OFFFriday 2-930Saturday OFFSo let's do some stuff.  NOW.

Celebrating is th…

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It's 2:22 a.m. and I was under the impression that I would have to stay up a lot later than this to get my studying done so I consumed twice my average dosage of caffeine and now I can't fall asleep.  I suppose I could finally read Eliot's second piece of literary criticism or maybe finish Housekeeping, but to be honest, I just don't care anymore.  And I think I'm decently prepared for my Modern Brit Lit test.  It's open note and open book, so that helps.  I haven't quite looked at any of the materials for my On the Road final, but that was my favorite class with the best books, so I remember them all.  On Tuesday, rather than having a final, my poetry professor hosted an afternoon garden party as our last meeting.  The weather was gorgeous and we simply sat in his back garden, talking and eating a light lunch, then talking some more and eating dessert.  His house had nice, bare, Mexican/Native American decor and it was so clean and fresh.  It was really one of the best afternoons I've ever experienced and definitely the best experience I've had all of college.  No stress, nothing but a few hours of required relaxation.  I had some nice conversations with my classmates and we're going to try and go get drinks before one of the girls goes back to Northern California in a week.  I graduate on Friday--crazy.Ugh, I hate the feeling of too much caffeine.  I think maybe I'll have an intense dancing session in my room and then try to get to sleep.  But first, a list for things that I want to do this summer:Disneyland?Tattoo?Go to Friends of Catsfind a for realz jobmake lots of moneygo on my Great American Road Tripmake some new friendswrite a short story/focus on trying to write prosefind something else to get published inget to work on my reading listmake a real life plan.  seriously.  decide what I WANT.But I'll probably just lie on a pool floatie for the next three months and watch The Graduate over and over again.

Wound up

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So I'm at the SDSU library and am trying to write an essay, my last essay I ever technically have to write in fact, and I just feel like I CAN'T DOIT, but somehow I'm on page eight of ten.  It's all bullshit though, nothing but stupid, repetitive sentences, which I guess is okay for now because I don't really plan on sleeping tonight and I'm going to do some serious reviewing before I submit it.  I just wish I could verbalize what I want to say while someone else refines my thoughts so they sound good and academic and grammatically correct and in perfect MLA format.  Speaking of bullshit, Brian is into the game of "would you rather..." where he basically just comes up with two equally disgusting situations and asks which I would rather participate in.  His worst one today is as follows:would you rather...eat a raw/live chicken whole (feathers and all)orhave a buffalo diarrhea all over your face?I actually would go for the latter because you can just clean yourself up super super super good afterward and (I think) you'd be as good as new.  You have to suffer with chicken feathers and feet and eyeballs and brains and beak processing through your system for days.  I don't know though; what would YOU do?But that's completely off-topic.  I need to focus, I need to get a massage, my shoulders are killing me.  Or not so much my shoulders but that muscle-y space in between my shoulders and neck.  I need to figure out what I want to say about the portrayal of female sexuality in The Hours.  But mostly I just need to find a perfect place to study because the state library 24 hour study area is WAY TOO CROWDED and LOUD.  Almost all of the seats are taken.  It's 11 pm and there are almost no open desks.  How ridiculous is this?  It just goes to show you that everyone at SDSU procrastinates way too much or that all the professors here have ridiculous expectations for their students.  Considering the conversations I've been hearing, I'm banking on the former.    I seriously need to just freaking get on it.  Here are a few small things before I go:--CONGRATULATIONS JEFF!--I hate work so, so much.  I need a real job.  A job with editing or writing or something that has to do with English in the least bit.  Something that matters even a little.--My last day of classes is tomorrow.  LAST DAY OF CLASSES EVER.  So crazy.--You graduate too, dontcha Baby J?  When?  Are you excited or nervous or both?  We should form a support group for recent college graduates with no direction in their lives.--Hey, that's actually a decent idea.  I could make some good money off that.--I want to go karaoke again as a celebration for finishing college.  But somewhere where they have Lady Gaga and new Beyonce.  C'est tout.  Bon soir mes ami. 

Stuck in the Libr…

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Virginia is for L…

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Alkie Monkeys

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It's been a crazy long time since I wrote a blog out, so I'm just going to go for it.  I don't feel like recapping my entire life here, so I'm just going to write what comes to mind when it comes to mind and stop when I get sick of typing.  Saturday was Katy's birthday (celebration).  However, when she woke up and came downstairs I for some reason decided to wish her happy birthday.  Way to go, Gina.  Way to go.  It doesn't make me feel so bad because Janine went out of her way to send Katy a 'happy birthday' text, so at least I'm not alone in my utter stupidity.  Anyway, Jhaj, Kitty Kat, and myself went to Fashion Valley to try to find Katy a new birthday dress.  We started at Bloomingdale's which was probably a really bad idea because Katy almost bought an $80 dress.  However, my Boucher-frugality intervened and I convinced her to put them on hold while we shopped around.  She ended up finding something way cheaper, just as cute, and much more 70s at H&M.  So congrats to me on outsmarting overpriced clothing stores!  I am ridiculously poor, so I just bought some three dollar purple nail polish, new lip gloss, and real beautiful/real cheap earrings to spice up an outfit that I have already worn 1000 times.  These days you gotta shop smarter.  Katy's friend Ashley joined us about halfway through.  Last time I met her I got this feeling she hated me, but this time I just got the feeling of dislike, so at least the degree has lessened.  Janine said it's probably just that we both have strong personalities, so it creates some discomfort.  I will agree with that.  But you know, Ashley laughed at a couple of my jokes, and that's how I gauge if someone likes me or not, so at least we know some progress is being made. Okay, so after shopping we went home, got ready, and met J and A for dinner at Karl Strauss downtown.  I've never been there before and had never actually even known that it existed, but I was real happy with the choice of venue because it was real nice.  They had pretty delicious food too, and (this is a pretty huge statement for me to make) . . . probably the best bacon I've ever had.  Now, this is a somewhat tricky statement and there are strings attached.  The bacon was beer-brined and seasoned, and tasted perfect on my sandwich, but was also perfect when I ate it by itself.  HOWEVER, the seasons made it much more of a dinner/lunch bacon than a breakfast bacon.  It was pretty meaty too, and I like my breakfast bacon to be a little thinner and perfectly crisp.  It's like alcohol: I'll still give it five stars, but suggest only eating it after 12 pm.  Okay, bacon review aside, we had a nice time.  Our waitress was pretty dumb and kinda bitchy, but Janine's former manager works there now and he gave us half off our bill.  SWEET.  We only had to pay $13 a piece, including tax and tip.  There were three drinks on that bill too, mind you.  So after our rousing dinner/photo session (which is what birthdays with the sisters always seem to turn into), J, K, and I went to U-31 to meet up with Katy's friends and celebrate.  Well, it turns out U-31 is quite the hot spot, and when we got there, there was meager line forming.  Luckily we got inside quickly, but some people had to wait for about half an hour.  I would like to use this spot to say that if you are complaining about waiting in line to get into a bar and you are younger than 26, you need to shut up and deeeeal with it.  You're young, that's what happens when you go to bars/clubs.  Just deal with it bitches.  N-E-WAYZZ, the bartender that I want to marry was there so that was great, but the DJ was terrible, so that was not so great.  He played maybe ten songs I knew all night and was really bad at even choosing good techno.  If no one on the dance floor is moving, that's not a good sign.  But whatevs, Katy was happy and that's all that matters. BUT we're going to make up for the lack of dancing next Saturday by going to Henry's.  Hopefully we'll run int some Navy SEALs again, like say, I don't know, Larsen Jensen? Okay, here are things I need to do: --get tattoo --write 2 essays --finish all my reading for my classes --go to Disneyland for the last time? --plan out my Great American Roadtrip/Trip to Lollapalooza (which is the same exact vacation) --get lots of monies to do these fun things If anyone knows some sort of part time job I could have, that would be sweet. Oh, also, before I cut out, my boss Missy got transferred to another store, and now my old ASM (who everyone had some problems with...) is our new store manager.  My life doesn't seem real sometimes.Oh yeah, and                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!

Happy Birfday Kai…

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Okay so this weekend was a huge bore, but financially successful as I only spent $12 all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday combined.  WOO!  I really have basically no money at all any more and everything I earn goes toward stupid things, like buying my cap and gown.  Anyway, my brain is running really slow (I can almost hear it making that chugging, clicky sound old computers make when processing too much information at once) because I pretty tired, but hey, here's some good news:that small, no-big-deal literary magazine run out of SDSU that I submitted poems to sent me an email today saying "Congratulations, we're publishing two of your poems!"  Sa-weet!  Thanks to finally just submitting something, I'm going to be able to say that I have been published.  I guess that's a little something to be proud of.  I celebrated by singing "Congratulations to me" to the tune of "Happy Birthday," then eating half of my chocolate bunny and watching Glee.  Since it's a small publication, I think that's all the celebration it merits.And you know what's terrible?  I think I have writer's block.Oh, but speaking of poetry, today my poetry class attended Carolyn Forche's reading that was on campus.  The woman introducing her broke the news to us and Mrs. Forche that she had just been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature.  BIG DEAL, yeah?  It made me feel special to be able to listen to someone with those credentials.  Also, her poems were real beautiful, and a few of them made me super hungry.  She's good at injecting her works with TASTE.  Speaking of taste, I'm hungry again.  I'm probably going to go eat some pepperoni and finish getting some of my work done.  End.


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Benny Lava

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"Unicorn After Wi…

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So I have to get back into the swing of things now that Spring Break 2010 (WOOOO!) is officially over.  It was a really good week though, so much so that I am going to recap the second half for you:WEDNESDAY I worked from 930 to 4, which was boring and stupid.  But I got to hang out with the sisters and Melissa which made the day a lot better.  We stopped at Keil's beforehand to pick up some treats and upon filling up a bag of sour gummy bears, Katy found a tag on one of the twist ties that read: my stomach hurts :(.  It was kind of sad because it looked like a child's handwriting but also really, really funny because it was in a child's handwriting.  Obviously Katy wanted to take that one with her, but we decided it would only be fair if we left new messages on some tags for someone else to find.  So if you were in the candy section of Keil's s this week and say a tag that said "I cry all the time :(" that was most likely me.  But after snack procuring, we headed to J and A's and ate chocolate-covered strawberries and cracked pepper triscuits and cheese and candy and watch Matthew Maconaghy's wife try to work through multiple speech impediments.  Annie and Melissa talked some more about SF and it made me want to move too.THURSDAY was my first day sans work since Saturday, so of course I decided to fill it with homework.  Katy and I packed up our things and headed off to Claire de Lune, where Annie and Janine joined us an hour or so later.  Thing is, Janine only brought internet-dependent assignments to work on and as it goes, Claire de Lune does not have the internet.  So J, A, and myself packed up our things, walked over to the Starbucks across the street aaaaand turned around and went right back into de Lune when we saw how jam-packed Sbucks was.  Actually, Janine went home because at that point, she didn't have enough time to study anyway.  So Katy, Annie, and I all crowded around a table and alternated between studying and being really distracted.  The best part about that coffee-shop trip was that I decided (with Katy's counseling) that I should just do an MFA program in Fall 2011.  I keep FREAKING out about my life and future, and the MFA sounds like the way to go.  All schools have pretty different programs, but it's basically a two year creative writing workshop.  I'd be doing that much writing on my own anyway, I might as well get a degree for it.  When I got home from the cafe and had internet access, I went on a school-searching spree.  I would kill someone if it meant I could get into NYU's program.  Zadie Smith, and JONATHAN SAFRAN FOER are both faculty members and it's run out of a house in Greenwich Village.  It just sounds so, so beautiful.  Sadly, it's ALSO NYU, so there's no way I'd get in, but hey, a girl can dream can't she?  Anyway though, Thursday night Katy, Melissa, and I went to Hamilton's for the first time, where I only spent $5 and had three drinks.  I met possibly the most boring man in the entire world whose looks did not in any way make up for the fact that we talked about freeway planning for half an hour.FRIDAY was another day completely free and I started the day off by taking Brian to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  So adorable!  I also saw a preview for Beezus and Ramona, which I'm getting super excited for.  Anyway, we went to Rubio's afterward and then headed home to dye/paint Easter eggs.  They all turned out pretty gorgeous.  After dinner, I went with Natalie and Melissa up to their friend's home in Fallbrook.  She (Lauren) just broke up with her lying, cheatin' boyfriend of nine years, so she needed a Girl's Night.  It was pretty fun because she has a gorgeous house and we got to jacuzzi.  We stayed the night there and drove home the next morning.SATURDAY I did my taxes and worked.  SUNDAY was Easter.  We had my Grandma over for a really delicious and bacon-filled breakfast, then went up to my Uncle John's for dinner.  I played a lot of pool and think I'm getting much better.  Which isn't saying a lot about my skill level, but still.  So anyway, Spring Break's over and I'm sick of typing.  END.

I'm a do what I w…

gina • Apr 5th • 4 comments

Dear Jeff,I'm loving the new cloud-background.Okay, here are some things in my life:Saturday I went to the beach with Melissa and Natalie.  We tanned for an hour or two then met Michelle for margaritas.  Michelle mentioned that she was on a break with her boyfriend, and then we mentioned some reasons why she should STAY on a permanent break with her boyfriend, then she cried and got upset, then we had to go out dancing that night to make things better.  Sunday I slept and worked and watched Life on Discovery Channel.  It has convinced me that hyenas are little bitches and that meerkats should really just be domesticated already.Monday I laid out to reinforce the base tan I built on Saturday, then went to work for two hours.  Later, I watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox with Melissa and Amber while drinking some pretty good pinot grigio.  Melissa, who originally wanted to see The Crazies, kept whining about how terrifying the movie was.  Just when I think I understand the girl...today I had a sales leader meeting at the Grossmont store, which was okay I guess.  Then I got Chipotle for the first time with Szafranski sisters and went shopping at Forever 21.  The afternoon was good in the fact that I didn't get hepititis, but bad in that Forever 21 has gone into a complete time warp.  No one should ever repeat the fashions of the 90s; those are mistakes we should have learned from.  Melissa has decided to take a full-time position offered to her in SF, MEANING she's going to be staying up there, not moving back as I had originally thought.  Michelle is also most likely going to stay up there, as is Susan as she'll be going to grad school at Berkeley, and now ANNIE'S joining in on their big Bay Area party.  I'm starting to think I really should give it a go up there.  I mean, I was born in San Mateo, after all.  Maybe it's where I'm meant to be?I keep feeling anxious all the time because I can't figure out what to do with myself after I graduate.  All I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep.  Aaaaand, that's about it.

I approve

gina • Mar 30th • 3 comments

Okay, so I already posted something today, but I have just one small thing that needs to be added.Health care reform made it through the House.  WOOOOOH!!!Okay, while I'm real, real happy because it means my friends can now go to doctors and not have to worry about three month-long toothaches or possibly having swine flu while not being able to receive medical attention; and also that the United States government is finally making some positive social changes, some people are against it.  And while I'm trying to be cordial enough to not start online fights by posting statuses expressing my happiness and pride, I can't help but comment on others' that make my blood boil.  I'm pretty sure you all know how riled up I can get, right?Okay, well about 15 minutes ago, a friend of a friend of mine (that I am FACEBOOK friends with) posted a status asking if anyone would like to move to Canada because health care passed here.  Now, obviously this kid isn't too well informed seeing as how Canada has had an established health care system for quite some time now.  Anyway, I initially decided that he was too ill-informed to start a fight with, so I was going to let it go; however, I started reading the ensuing comments and couldn't help myself from posting something.  One of his friends drew comparisons between the United States and "socialist Russia" which my "friend" then responded with something like "yeah, look how many people died under Stalin" (because I'm PRETTY SURE health care equates dictatorship and murder) and then HIS stupid asshole piece of shit friend responded by saying that America is supposed to be FREE, and how we're not supposed to have a "some black guy" making all of our decisions.  As if that didn't make me Hulk out in itself, my "friend's" following remark (in which he referred to Nancy Pelosi as a slut) did.  So I called them bigots and suggested they move to a country in Africa where they don't have to worry about basically any government intervention in their lives whatsoever.  I was totally justified this time though.  I'm really proud of myself for the restraint I showed, but at the same time, wish I said more or COULD say more, to their racist, sexist faces.  URRRRRGH, I'm so worked up right now because I cannot believe there are such closed-minded people in the world.  Okay.  I'm going to take deep breaths and hopefully be able to go to sleep soon as I have to work tomorrow morning.  Goodnight.


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So I never got around to finishing up my last blog.  Here are some things I have to say that are left over:Work has been really slow the past few days.  It's only because the store is functioning 100%, meaning there is nothing to clean, nothing to build, nothing to open, nothing to fix.  I've walked in circlescirclescircles and feel less insane than exhausted when I'm there.  There's nothing more tiring than just standing and waiting.I've finally received things in the mail regarding graduation.  My calculations were correct and all I have to do is get passing grades in this semester's classes to be out of there on May 21, 2010, 4:00 pm.  I don't really want to walk, but my mom is making me.  The main reason I consented is because it's being held in Viejas Arena and after I walk across the stage to shake whoever's hand, I can say that I stood on the same stage that Lil' Wayne performed on.  It's hallowed ground.  I'm really just excited for my graduation party, because it means I get to eat and drink and get MONIES.  That is, if my family is actually in town the weekend I decide to have my party.  Turns out my Uncle Bill (the self-centered youngest one) loses so much money when he gambles that Vegas (or some other gambly town) is flying him and a guest out and putting them up in a hotel so that they he can give them even more of his cash.  Being the conniving little devil that he is, he asked my Aunt Pat to be the guest.  When she said she can't, it's my graduation weekend, he did not give up on the trip to help me celebrate.  Instead, he turned to my Uncle John and asked him to go.  So not only will one of my uncles be absent, but TWO.  I said that I don't care if they go, so long as they give me their earnings or however much they end up losing. After panicking and panicking, I finally came up with a short-term life plan to curb my increasing blood-pressure.  Here it is:I will go to Grossmont and take three semesters of French and Spanish (though now I might switch and take italian if they offer it because I would like to be able to mangle all of the romance languages), and work two jobs or one job full-time; then in Fall 2011 or perhaps Spring 2012 (assuming Apocalypse does not occur), I will travel to Europe for a couple months.  TA-DAA!!  That's it.  I told you it was short-term.  After that, who knows.  Alls I know now is that I better start looking for a travel buddy, because I'll never be able to explore a foreign continent by myself.  So.  Any takers?I sent some poems to this tiny literary magazine today.  A girl in one of my classes works on it and she welcomed everyone to send some pieces in.  So I did.  I chose "loose change," "secondhand," and "dog beach."  I also had to come up with a small biography on myself, which I found more difficult than anything else.  I gave a basic "I'm Gina, senior at SDSU, graduating this spring, 21, repping the 619" and then, for fun, said that if I were to describe myself in three characters they would be Alvy Singer, Liz Lemon, and Margot Tennenbaum.  Hopefully that will let them know I have good taste in movies/tv and also, that I have a sense of humor.  I should hear back from them no later than April 16, so I guess we wait until then to see what happens.

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So it's Friday, mid-March which is pretty sweet because A) Fridays are the best days of the weekandB) Tomorrow is the first day of springIt's been feeling mighty Springy lately as well which is wonderful because I love when the weather fits the season.  This is why I LOOOOVE big billowy white clouds and cold winds with some sun still in Autumn, rain and coooooold air in Winter, and hothotheat in Summer.  Surprisingly, this weather has been quite conducive to getting my reading done; usually I can't focus if the sun is poking through my blinds.  Maybe I've finally learned how to concentrate?  Probably not.  I still have lots and lots to read, but it's not too much to where I'm freaking out, curling up into the fetal position, and crying like I was the last two semesters.  Here's the reason why:  I'm taking 4 rather than 5 classes.  It truly does make a difference.  Speaking of school, I decided not to go yesterday, mainly because I went to bed at three o'clock in the morning and didn't wake up until half an hour before my first class was to start.  I technically could have gotten up, eaten breakfast, taken a shower, and been out the door in time for my second class but I thought, SCREW IT.  I haven't cut class just for the sake of cutting class all semester, so I was overdue.  Instead, I ate breakfast slowly, went back upstairs and laid on my bed with Sally for about twenty minutes, took a leisurely shower, went back downstairs, started reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, ate lunch, kept reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, got some real books together, went to campus, read for a couple minutes, spaced out while staring at the fountain, took a survey for a $5 Starbucks gift card, went to Target, went to Barnes and Noble, went to Pier 1, came back home, took a nap, read twenty pages in a dumb book, ate dinner, finished Diary of a Wimpy Kid, laid in bed while talking to Katy about Walt Whitman, went to sleep.  All of those completely essential activities could not have taken place if I had decided to sit in two boring classes.  I'm pretty sure it's obviously that I made the right decision.Okay, so what else have I been up to?  Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day which I love because I relate strongly with my Irish heritage.  Gina = passionate, loud, strongly opinionated, Catholic.  Irish = passionate, loud, strongly opinionated, Catholic, drunks.  I'm working on that last part.  I had to work during the day, but afterwards I went home and read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man aloud in the most Irishy accent I could muster, then gave up and ate corned beef, cabbage, and mashed potatoes.  Janine and I went out at night and after trying three waaaay too crowded locations, finally decided to have a green beer at Woodstocks, then headed over to Bennigans so I could get my 7 and 7.  I also tried Guinness for the first time and while it initially doesn't taste bad, the aftertaste made me want to rip out my tongue.  But then again, I'm not really much of a beer-drinker, so you can't really take my opinion as valid.  It was nice talking with Jhaj, because I feel like I hardly ever see her any more.  I miss having that terrible, mind-numbing History class with her because (though it brought me closer to suicide than anything I've ever experienced before) it allowed me to see her at least twice a week. Huh, well I have some more stuff to say, but I have to take a shower and ready myself for work so this is either PART ONE of a longer entry, or what's more likely to happen is that I'll get too lazy to finish writing this at some later point in time and you'll never know the rest.  anyway, the end maybe.

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