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Break came and went. Oh how I enjoyed it.  I figured break was my only chance to learn about what is happening in design currently, because I didn't have stupid assignments to worry about. So I made some goals. I would cram my head with as much knowledge about design as I could. SO I built my portfolio site, redesigned craigslist, designed a greeting card for a scholarship, and designed and built a tumblr theme (still have to set it up). My goal was to get as comfortable with HTML/CSS as I possibly could. I didn't want to fear the code anymore!  I never told you how my last semester turned out. Well, I got two A's and two A-'s, bringing me down to a 3.91. But who really cares! I think the only reason I care about getting all A's is to have the right to hate on the DAI department and say it is the worst program in the world. JUST KIDDING? And Maybe just maybe to actually go to a good grad school to make up for the education I did not get. But, I don't think my money will go to grad school, I dont' want to become even more of a bitter person, or relive the school experience. I'll save my money and my time. So this semester I'm hoping for all A's. I think if I can get all A's while working two jobs, I can do it workign only one job. Hopefully.   Anyway, rather than just being bitter about school, I've decided to channel my angst towards my final 505 project (research and design class) we have to find a problem and fix it with a design solution. I'm making a website, and that is all i'm going to say.  MY FINAL SEMESTER CLASSES DAI 505: Research&Design DAI 427: Rich Media (flash) DAI 425: Typography DAI 575: I get to watch the lab for 10 hours a week! UM. what else? I don't know.  Lemon cookie is the best ice cream in the world.   

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Hellooo webtape!   This semester is the most insane semester, and I really didn't see it coming. It's the first time I've gone from summer school to fall semester. I've exhausted myself in every possible way, from fighting my right to substitute a class, while discovering the dirty politics hidden within the DAI department, to being sick pretty much every week. My body still feels bruised on the right side from the combination of terrible allergies (which I now have?) and the coughing from whatever bug I got.  I've become such a morning person though, I have to wake up arund 6:30 every day. Gah. Pretty though.    But, with me constantly being sick, I figured it was my body's way of telling me I was doing too much. SO.I finally quit starbucks. After maintaining two jobs and school since april, my parents even making a last minute visit up here to try and help me relax, I think this has been the answer all along. No longer will I have to walk to work at 4AM in the streets of San Francisco, with my pepper spray on my key chain. No longer will I have to be disrespected and looked down upon because I make coffee. No longer will I have to clean drains or clean up the mess older working PROFESSIONALS leave because they have no manners...or were never taught by their mother to clean up after themselves. I'M DONE.    But this isn't to say I hated working at starbucks, for I don't know if I could of had another job that was more flexible with my schedule. I told myself when I first got hired that I would never make starbucks my priority, because school was what I needed to focus on. My second promise to myself was that I would never become a shift supervisor, because to me, it was a slippery slope to staying forever.    I grew up at starbuck, being almost 18 with short hair, nose ring, always trying to get away with wearing nail polish and living the awesome suburban life going to grossmont community college. Leaving at 21 with long, unkempt hair (DAI life), naked nails and nose, coming close to the end of my college education IN SAN FRANCISCO, hoping to become a young and awesome designer. OH BUT HOW I WILL MISS THE FREE COFEE. Seriously.   Old san diego starbucks crew. Why am I posting this? Joshy poo.  SF starbucks. So much nicer. BUT whoever made this photo collage on our wall really sucked. Floating espresso beans? lol.  Finally took a break and went to see Phatogram with my friend Jess because I was determined to see them after missing them four times already. Their new song "Turning Into Stone" will always remind me of the day I gave my two weeks notice.  My motion graphics class, before class starts. Yule Log.  My full color printed book dummy of Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. This will be in my portfolio.    My new goal (one of many) is to never have a job like starbucks again in my life, as much as i've learned and have grown there, i've done my time. From now on, I only want graphic design internships or jobs.   

Fall Semester

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And at once I knew I was not magnificent. I thought I was so close to leaving Starbucks, and getting my mind off school. I thought I deserved it because I work so hard everday and i've done my time walking at 4:30am, so I can't say I wasn't disappointed, but something else will come along.  I put myself in a position that I had never been in before, I took a risk, and I scared myself.  I didn't completely fail. I learned that I have to be more knowledgeabe in areas that school doesn't even touch. This experience has only made me want it even more, and work even harder to get it. With this, I also know how I want to approach my 505 project next semester. I hope to redesign the DAI department, gearing the program towards working at startup companies. Because we are in San Francisco, and this is what can set SFSU apart, it is something we drastically need from our mediocre program. Although print is a great background, the future can't be ignored, and neither can the great opportunites. None of us hard working DAI kids deserve to be shocked that we can't get a job outside of print because we don't know more about the web. So that is what I will do. 

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It's the last week of summer school, and it's been hell. HELL. Sort of. I'm on campus from typically 8:45am-9:30 monday-thursday. Why do I go in so early? Do you have class? NOPE. I go to work and stare at my computer all day, working on cool stuff like making tee shirts, price lists and calendars. Then I go to that pointless class, Colloquium..where I have an A, but that was before she saw my 3rd grade like sketchbook. "Now I want you to cut out images of happy eyes" I'm not joking with you here, this was an assignment had to do. Luckily Jeff helped me out and drew a G. And a scion. cool. Then I have my digital media class, where everyone hates on the teacher, like the popular kids pick on the nerds, it sad and stupid. Even though the teacher isn't the best, he still cares about our knowledge of the web. Anyway, I should be working on my online myseum now, I just needed to do a little bit of catch up on here.  I will just say that I'm just glad I have a fantastic boyfrined who will stay with me, for this past month has been tough. My parents have been up and worried because I've been stressed out and sick and tired and debating whether or not I can manage to survive without working at starbucks (not really). I just hope fall 2011 doesn't continue like this. I'm not usually this dramatic/weak, I swear.  BUT THERE ARE POSITIVES! I had my last opening shift at starbucks, because I no longer want the anxiety of walking downtown at 4am-I was fine for a while, but when people talk to you it's not cool. And Jeff, being the best boyfriend, got a black car to pick me up and take me on my last opening shift. Out in style.  ANNDD I'll be graduating Spring 2012 (hopefully) So I will only be at state for a year and a half. COoooOLLYeaH! 

Final week

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Speaking of school and how we hate it, I've been taking summer school classes, four to be exact. Yes, there is no better way to shave off a semester of prerequisite classes than an intense five week course. So far, I have completed History of design and technology, which I fell in love with. I received an A in this class. Concurrently, I took Computer Graphic Imaging, which is basically learning Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This class sucked because it was boring, I recived an A- for not knowing all InDesign and Photoshop shortcuts. This is complete BS, because other than that, I know the programs. But CGI made me realize two very important things.1. I could have easily substituted this course for a computer art class I took at grossmont. But since advisers don't listen to students ever, I had to take it again. 2. I don't like to print. We had projects that we had to print and mount, and I hated it. I just like to make the stuff and keep it on the computer. SO, I was very excited to start my next summer section.I am currently taking Colloquium..a class that tells you about the major and stuff, so you don't learn anything about design, just DAI which is only temporary. This class is a waste of time. surprise, surprise. Along with Colloquium, I am taking Digital Media 1, where I finally get to learn HTML and CSS. I was really hoping I would like this class, because then I could lean more in this direction. I really like it so far, because it's new to me. We get to make 4 websites over the course. The thing is, I just need to isolate myself so I can really spend my time on perfecting my websites. So this is pretty big. I've never really enjoyed making logos, and now I don't have any interest printing projects, unless its for personal use. Obviously I'm not looking forward to the 150 page book we have to design and print, okay i'm a bit excited about it..but not the printing aspect. There goes all that paper and there goes all my money. Now, I have to learn way more in such a short amount of time. But I'm trying to take Digital media 3 in the fall, because digital media 2 isn't being offered. I'm also enrolled Virtual Worlds Design, and I have no idea what to expect from that really except that second life and some aspects of augmented reality are involved..I'm looking forward to these classes, because i'm actually going to be learning new things and not be hearing the same things over  and over. The DAI program and the way it's organized has made graphic design seem so stale. Maybe no other student feels the same, but when the program really makes you loose interest in your passion, then you know the structure is failing.  Dont' get me wrong, I still love graphic design, and will always love it (just not in school), but I feel like taking more digital media classes is a better direction to go in. I mean, books make nice portfolio pieces, but I really just don't care as much about it. And it amazes me how some of the students seem to really hate the web, and refuse to believe print is not dying, well it is, sorry.

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Blonde Redhead

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The office.

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I'm currently in the midst of some change, well, not much as me as my roommates, but it has impacted me more than I thought. Juan is calling it quits up here in SF, and is now persuing his education and passion for dancing back in San Diego. This leaves left me without a roommate from july-->forever. But all that has changed now. Aside from my main goal of trying to get Gina to move here and be my roommate, I had planned on fining a cool SF State student. BUT juan's friend wanted to move out of oakland and into the city, so we all are now roommates, yes three of us in a one bedroom apartment. Obviously I'm not there much, if I were, I wouldn't have let her move in so early. But this upcomming situation is going to be interesting, it already has been..and i've begun to regret my hasty decision. Things to be concerned about (in no particular order): 1.Living with a girl. I have not done so since me and Janine used to live in the same room. 2. Sleeping arrangements. Will I really take the role of sleeping in the livingroom on a fouton? Do I really want to give up to my room to someone I hardly know, I mean I love my nook-it's the best part..even if i'm only there once or twice a week. (Biggest issue) 3. I proabably won't be the roommate she wants. I'm not that girl who automatically likes her roommate,takes cool pictures together or hangs out at the apartment all the time. Because that seems to be what roommates do? 4. Accidentally forgeting it's tuesday night. For. uh. Toppless tuesday (?) Really people? Really? Apparently it's a tumblr thing? (Also a big issue) Feel free to explain if you understand this thing. 5. No longer feeling like my apartment is mine. Like it has been taken over by kids I don't want to be around. Crap. Okay, I'll stop complaining how. I just thought I should updat on this situation. I need to stop looking at the negatives though and start looking at the positives. Like, she hasn't been added to the lease yet, so I can always kick her out Gina, if you decide to move up soon. On to other apartment drama. You may have read my post about the people who live in my complex. There was a small Asian man, former jockey, named Kevin. Kevin passed away recently. I thought something was wrong when I woke up to someone continuously caughing. Well, turns out, Kevin was a hoarder (Yes, the exact kind you would see on TLC's Hoarders, but in a tiny apartment) and that man who was caughing was cleaning out his dusty apartment. It was BAD. And Karen my cat crazy neighbor was hoping there would be cats she could adopt-but there were none (probably just dead ones). They filled up a whole big dumpster trash thing, me and jeff were lucky enough to witness this big event- not the death of course. Better than TV.

Apartment story

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Hey guys,  I'm sitting at school, edititing my government paper, listening to my itunes. Lets just say I was just given a gift. This gift, a little song called "Lyla". To myself, I say "Hey Cocorosie, you haven't come on shuffle in forever!" This makes me very happy. So i'm giving you guys a gift too. The, not so new anymore, video "Lemonade". Gina, this goes out to you. I Miss you. I'm now going to take myself back and go an a cocorosie binge.  Thanks Bianca and Sierra. 

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I got a new job. I will now be one of two graphic designers, third counting the manager, at the SFSU student center. I was really excited about this job, but I didn't want to get my hopes up about it, just in case I didn't get it. But, since I now know the result, I now can tell you that I got the position. So, rather than interning this year for my old SF brothers, who I miss dearly, I will now be getting paid for my work (well, I did get an espresso machine), even if it is just for the school. Today was my first day, filled with paperwork, but I did get to meet all the people who work in the center, not that I remember the majority of them. I'm excited to see what comes next. SO far I enjoy the small office (with a view) located at the top floor of the student center, with a big iMac. Yes. Hopefully I can maintain this job, school work, and starbucks. I think I can. Hey remember when I worked at sea world And Starbucks? HA that was cool...

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Moday night me and Jeff went to see Hellogoobye at slims. Why do you want to see hellogoobye, you ask? Well I never got to see them in high school, plus, I needed them to be my last underaged show before my brithday. Besides the opening bands and the lack of "a picture post card" being played, the show was really good.  They interacted with us a lot, more than any other show I have been to.  They even acknowldeged our desire for them to play a picture postcard. The guitarist teased us by playing just the beginning of it then said it wasn't going to happen. Guhhhh.  A little taste of some poor quality videos. I apologise: I like those shadow boxes with the rope light.   AHh more than you ever know. 


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Woah march is almost here, which means i'm almost 21. Finally. I don't know why it's taken me so long to post, I guess, like previously stated, we feel our posts have to be extra good, rather than just little things. But this is going to be just a bunch of little things.  My friend Talor from my RAZA class. We had to go on a scavenger hunt in the Mission.  Traveled through Balmy alley where we saw some murals.  My kitchen the morning after me and Juan hosted a friday night dinner. The night of beach house. We stood in the rain and waited, but we failed at getting tickets. We ate our sorrows at the grove. Juan and visiting friend joined us.  What else? Well, I've been slowly teaching myself HTML and CSS, mostly dedicated for tuesday afternoons. I joined the AGIA at school this semester and hold the power of the twitter and wordpress, although I have hardly posted anything yet.  My dad also recently came up here, because he does business a lot in the bay area. I really enjoy his company, not just because he takes me out to dinner, but it's nice to catch up. It's interesting how the relationship has changed from a few years ago to today, when I moved out and away, and he comes to visit, he treats me like an adult, and he always acts so proud. AWW.   Gina, where are you?

Spring semester

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Last night, me and Jeff went to see Ólafur Arnalds at the Great American Music Hall, and it was spectacular. It was the first time i've sat on the floor for a show, of course I had chosen to wear a skirt, but it made the setting more intimate. Aside from making sure I was sitting properly on the floor, I had to make sure I didn't accidentaly take a picture with a flash on it, so I didn't even bother. Instead, I took a few video clips for you guys, because it had exceeded both of our expectations. Sorry if it's shot at awkward times of if the filming is sort of bad, I always feel bad taking pictures/video at shows, even though I really want to. So here's a little taste of the action. .    And then we both realized we eat too many donuts. 

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