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My family left for Disney World last tuesday and they get back on wednesday. For those of you who know how much I like living in a quiet house, you'll know that this is heaven for me. So when I'm not at work I've been spending a lot of time at home, sleeping and playing video games.    I bought Amnesia because it was on sale and let me tell you, it is the scariest and most stressfull game I have ever played. I haven't played it since the first time, mainly because I've been home alone, but also because it gets too much to take at times. I highly suggest playing it. If you do it with other people around and the lights on it's fun, ike watching a scary movie and everyone jumps and screams at the same time.   In oter news, a friend at work started a planking competition. However, since my family is gone, Chris is in Northridge, and I haven't hung out with Joe since the competition has started, I haven't had anyone to take pictures of me planking, so I don't have any good photos to show you yet.  But that hasn't stopped me from doing some awesome planking.   I also recently got an Incredible 2, and I find myself not knowing what to do with it. The first couple days I spent hours on it trying to figure everything out. Now that I know how it works I use it pretty much the same as my last phone. The only time I really use apps is if I need directions to somewhere, the navigation is cool, or the yelp and foursquare apps. I've got a few other things on there like to do lists and google docs and gmail, but I don't mess with them much outside of work. Any suggestions on apps? Still I think it's worth the $30 for the unlimited data plan. I was trying to decide whether I should root it or not but I came to the conclusion I don't need to.   I'm starting up at SDSU in August and am not looking forward to it. I'd rather avoid it and never have to go back to school but I need a degree. I had to take a rediculous writing assessment test there the other day and it did not help brighten my view on going back. Also tuition went up 13%, awesome.


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So I have a coworker who is from another country. His girlfriend is coming to town for 3 weeks. They are going to go up to SF for a week and then spend the next 2 weeks here in SD. I want to help them have a great time so I especially need help with suggestions for things to do while in SF; I can give them a lot of suggestions for SD but with your help that could be expanded.

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I recieved my newspaper album in the mail. I'm afraid to open it. Not because I don't want to ruin anything, but because I don't want to be let down. I'd rather keep it in it's pakaging for now. Those newspapers will deteriorate pretty quickly and could possibly be worth something someday. Did anyone else get theirs yet?

King of Limbs

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I wanted to make a post to update you with what's going on in my life right now. Seeing as the only person I regular see and converse with is Joe. I see Chris in l4d, which Joe and Adam need to play more, but we don't really talk too much about what's going on in our lives. So a little bit about what has happened with me recently: My life is pretty much just work. Joe and I hang out once or twice a week. The rest of the time I spend at home. Work is going well. things are winding down a little but should accelerate significantly in the next month or two if we get the grant we applied for. We're submitting a paper this week, if it hasn't yet been submitted, that I will be author on. Then there will be another paper we're submitting next month which I will also be an author on. So that's exciting. I'm still unsatisfied with my pay and am constantly trying to convinvce myself that the experience is making up for it, especially when Joe tells me there's an opening for a position like his at Illumina that pays twice what I'm getting now. Taking that position would mean putting off finishing school for a while. Without a computer I started watching a lot of things on Netflix. I got really into scifi series which I shared with Chris when he was down last. Mainly just Firefly and Battlestar Galactica (BSG). This explains the BSG cake picture that Chris included in <a href="http://onwebtape.com/blog/1382">this post</a>. BSG was a really long series so after that I kinda got burnt out. Also, having watched the best rated series of the genre I didn't know what else to watch. My new computer arrived on Friday morning. It was a great surprise because the last estimate I had seen on FedEx was that it was to arrive on Monday. I've become so accustomed to not having a computer that now I feel somewhat lost when it comes to using this. I can't remember how I used to spend so much time on it. I guess I need to start programming again. Over the past couple days I've gotten everything installed that I need (that I can think of). Next on the list is to buy a case/bag for it and a mouse so I can play games. I'm going to be happy to have something to do at coffee shops again, even if that thing is pretending to be doing something with a computer in front of me. It's less convincing when you don't have a computer or something in front of you. Tawny died a couple weeks ago. For those of you who never met her, she was our yellow lab that we've had for the past 13 years. As she got older she had tumors sprouting up all over her body, a common problem with labs, and eventually they bested her. I'll attach a picture of her on here later to preserve a memory of her. My cats are doing well and their personalities have really developed over the past few months. Mew loves to be around people and be pet, while Muse likes to do his own thing and roll around on the ground. Mew responds to her name and comes when I call her. I think Muse ignores me when I call him. I started working on some paintings again. I picked back up on some that I had started a long time ago but never finised. They are still a ways off just because it requires a lot of masking in many layers. So I sit around watching tv at night just taping away at the canvas for hours. Then there's 5 minutes of painting, removing the tape, and doing it all over again. It was strange not having everyone around for my birthday this year. I miss you guys, it just isn't the same. Joe and I went out and were able to get into Noble Experiment after a short wait. The drinks there were amazing and amazingly expensive. It was well worth it though and Joe and I said we'll be back at least once a month from now on. We're looking forward to exploring more speakeasies. There's probably more I could talk about but I'll save it for another time; This post is already long enough. I'm looking forward to heading up to SF for Outside Lands. I just wish it were going to happen sooner.

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That is all.

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Since I no longer have the luxury of being able to spend lots of time to sit and plan out my posts, this one is going to be pretty short. For those of you who don't know, my most important possessions were stolen from me on saturday night/sunday morning right after I got back from SF. This includes but is not limited to: - 1 Macbook Pro v2.2 with my entire life on it. - 1 Canon Rebel XT w/ kit lens - 2 Compact Flash memory cards with recent photos still on it that are now gone forever - 1 Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens - 1 wide angle lens w/ macro lens adapter (the idiot forgot the upscaling threads so it wont fit on the camera and is basically useless. - 1 Canon battery (the idiot forgot the charger, luckily I think i left my other battery in Joe's car on halloween night) - 1 IPod Classic loaded with over 60GB of great music - 1 checkbook with I don't know how many checks in it - countless cables and adapters for cameras, ipods, and memory card readers - 1 CD case containing my ENITRE DVD collection. Yes, Heima, Live in Copenhagen, everything. They decided to leave behind my case with all the tv show dvds though, so at least I can still watch always sunny, the office and arrested development. It is very strange not being able to do everything I used to. No more games, no taking pictures and editing them, no internet in general unless I'm at work, no music is the biggest thing I think. It's all on my external harddrive, which thankfully wasn't taken, but I have no way to access it. Bottom line, I hate whoever stole my things. I want to find them and beat the crap out of them. I had a great time in San Francisco though. Thanks Joe, Hazz, and especially Jeff for hanging out with me for the two days I was there. And thanks so much for the cab fair Jeff. I need to hurry up and graduate so I can start my career and the rest of my life, hopefully up in SF with my best friends.


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If anyone is interested, there's going to be an art and science discussion tomorrow night 5/27. Here's the info:> *The Bronowski Art&Science Forum presents*>> */"Conversations of Art & Science with Roman De Salvo and Dr. V.S. > Ramachandran"/*>> *Thursday Evening, May 27th - The Neurosciences Institute Auditorium*> *Doors open at 6:15 PM*> *Prelude to the Presentation**, 6:30 - 7:00 PM: Brian Chen**, winner > of the 2003 William Primrose Viola Competition; member of the > award-winning Avalon String Quartet ~ currently principal viola of the > San Diego Symphony **~Will perform Bach Cello Suites.*>> *An evening of artist meets scientist: The Artist, Roman De Salvo with > the Neuroscientist, Dr. Ramachandran. An evening of unrehearsed and > unscripted conversation. What are the common denominators that exist > between artist and neuroscientist? *> *Topics will emerge as the evening progresses. Questions will unfold > from the participants as well as questions submitted from the > attendees. An evening for inquisitive minds. *>> Please bring your intellectually inquisitive acquaintances. The Forum > is Free and Open to the Public.>> Directions to the Neurosciences Institute:> The entrance signage is rather modest. Look for the Mylar balloon. > If you are unacquainted with the location PLEASE view the directions > or the map:> The Neurosciences Institute> 10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive> San Diego, CA 92121>> Directions for those attending events in the Institute's Auditorium> .From Interstate 5, exit at Genesee Avenue and go west for about 0.8 > mile to the second stoplight (not counting any at the I-5 exit).> .Turn right (north) onto John Jay Hopkins Drive.> . .Turn left at the second opportunity (about 0.1 mile) into the > Institute's driveway. The first opportunity to turn left is into an > obviously gated parking lot. If you are coming for an auditorium > event, the gates may be raised and you may park in that lot.

Art & Science

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