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It is called K-pop and I will show you some prime material. *warning* this stuff is really bad like readiohead so don't worry I will just show the best of the best.  ( ^ Skip to 1:55)   This one is for Mark: They sing in Korean and in English, so in a way, it's kinda like Sigur Ros.   Anyway, our brothers (me and Mark's) are going to be in college soon and that means that they don't want to be hanging out in Starbucks' parking lot all night. Joe and I got excited about showing them how to wheatpaste (maybe a bit of tagging?) and some hotel scaling for 'ol times sake. Any more ideas?   PS its hard to do stuff in webtape <3

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  In case you missed it, my good brother just informed me this morning. It hurts, yes. And although in my opinion it was a slightly weak performance, I would have done anything to go see it.

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Night Sky

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So as I attempt to pull yet another all nighter just to keep up on all the stuff I have to do, here is a webtape post. Here is a picture of my family, basically all the smartest Engineers at CSUN:   Here is a Mini Star Wars Convention I went to (I was on my own team for the trivia game, and I even got to color)   More mportantly it's Marks Birthday! So I have some internet gifts! luv u bro. ;

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Chris Jack • Apr 29th • 3 comments btw Jeff, we got Hazz AND Joe to join us in L4D, where are you...? Anyways, what is everyone up to? What new endevours have you all discovered? What new music/entertainment are you into? Learning new things? Staying youthful? I have listening to Lady Gaga and watching Battlestar Galactica so don't ask me; although I do get my adventerous rewards every once and a while. I wish I had something cool to show you right now but my people need me so I will gp help them slack off, just wanted to say hi.

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More educational than entertaining, sorry dudes.


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Give him a medal

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We can see them play together if we take a road trip to the great state of Texas.


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Twisted Worrrr\ds

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So the highly anticipated sequal is finally here. Much bigger and better than the first.  Just click watch HD on vimeo so you can get the full HD!   There will be happiness, excitment, tears, and especially FEAR.   No making fun of mistakes or the stupid faces I make, I did most of this in one take!     UAV Room - The Movie from Chris Jack on Vimeo.

A Day in the Life

Chris Jack • Feb 8th • 8 comments Dead Center Start from Chris Jack on Vimeo. Hey in my down time I think I am going to throw some really silly/noob videos together for you guys' entertainment. Let me know if you want MOAR, they will only get better. This one is for Mark; he will get it from the title. Use you imagination for the impending zombies.

Dead Center

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One Man Band

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The Leg

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yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesI hate waiting


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       Couple of notes before I go to sleep after another successful all-nighter. I have been on campus every day this week for 10-12 hours per day finishing up the semester so that means no Left4Dead. But productivity is good and after finishing what seems like hundreds of labs and reports (including a 50 page computer architecture report that will hopefully help sling me into a cool job at Intel or AMD, or something of the sort) I am exhausted. I will be done with finals by Wednesday before TRON so I will be ready to see the midnight showing, which I am fully looking forward too.        Last night the (core) members of our senior design team went out to dinner to good 'ol Claim Jumper! It was pretty good and it was incredibly nice to actually hang out with someone outside of school for once (yes Joe, I know you have come up here too); especially since they are all such good people. Oh look, here are the pictures!On the left is Ellison; hes a part Japanese, Jewish, New Jersey-ian. The middle is Andy, who is very quirky, then Melissa, who we sang happy birthday for to get a free red velvet cake!This is Ahmed and Long (yes those are their names). Long usually works very hard but since he was done with his undergrad on this day he spent the whole meeting playing Counter-Strike with me encouraging him to bust out his Viet Cong skills.Soooo, left to right we have: Long, Marty, Me, Alex, Ellison, Andy, Melissa, Harinda, and Reda (Ahmed is taking the picture). For some reason the unanimously named me group leader next semester which is good Resume filler but we will see if that ends up good or bad, haha! Either way it will be sad to see some of these guys leave.Anyway, has everyone been keeping up with Fringe, Its getting way intense and I worry about Olivia...

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Walter Bishop

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Edge Detection

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So, I maybe told a few of you about an invitation to a trip to Annapolis, MD. There are way too many details to share so I would want you to ask questions or I could just tell you in person but let me just say a few things...I had no idea that any of the things that happened during the trip were going to happen until they happened.It was so amazing to get to do so much and it is very hard to portray that until I tell you in person. Eitherway I put together a very cheesy video (slide show basically) for my family to see, so I guess I will shareit here too.I really wish I could have spent more time with photos since I don't really have anyone to tell the story tobut this will have to do. I will list some of the keynote presenters since I wasn't even able to take pictures of most of them due to the fact that I wanted to respect their speech and there not being enough time afterwards.Day 1:  Dr. Bob Griffin (Dept. of Homeland Security)           Mr. Peter Appel (Dept. of Transportation)           Dr. Stu Feldman (Google)Day 2:  Honorable Shirley Jackson, Ph.D (President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.)            Admiral Thad Allen (US coast guard)            Captain James Lovell (USN)  to Naval Academy 1080 from Chris Jack on Vimeo.

Meanwhile in Anna…

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