Radio!   Yes. So I spend a lot of time driving to and from work, and over the last number of months I have shifted almost completely from listening to music to listening to talk radio. "How boring!" I can already hear you shouting. Nay! I wanted to share with you all the things I have been listening to because I thought you might find them interesting as well. This American Life - If you have a smart phone, buy the app. Well worth the 2.99 or whatever it is.    Radiolab - Another awesome show!    The Moth - Live storytelling by real people. Awesomeness.   Stuff you should know - Awesome podcast by the people @ how stuff works, a site that piqued my interest in science and engineering about ~10 years ago. I'm pretty sure this site played the most significant roll in maturing my interest in that nerdy science stuff.


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(2008) Developed using Flash,AS3, and PHP. Hover over the demo linksin the body copy to see it in action. Print and package design using Illustrator and Photoshop for THE ONE, THE ONLY, Hannah Montana. Developed using flash and as3 (please note this was meant to berun from a cd on the users computer, some functionality is missing,and the videos may take longer to load online) Developed using flash and AS2 using Flash,Css,Html, and Php  Developed interactive CD-rom using Flash and AS2

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Nasa is set to crash two unmanned spacecraft into the Moon in a bid to detect the presence of water-ice. A 2,200kg rocket stage will be first to collide, hurling debris high above the lunar surface. A second spacecraft packed with science instruments will then analyse the contents of this dusty cloud before meeting a similar fate. The identification of water-ice in the impact plume would be a major discovery, scientists say. Not least because a supply of water on the Moon would be a vital resource for future human exploration. It sounds like science fiction..."If ice is present in the permanently shaded craters... it could potentially provide a water source for the eventual establishment of a manned base on the Moon," said Dr Vincent Eke, from Durham University, UK, who is not a member of the LCROSS team. "There is hydrogen down in that crater, we're going to go dig some of it up," he explained. With an energy equivalent to that released by one-and-a-half tonnes of TNT, the collision will carve out a crater some 20m (66ft) wide and about 4m (13ft) deep. The shepherding spacecraft will follow in the Centaur's wake, descending through the debris plume to hit the lunar surface four minutes after the initial impact. What if there was a huge supply of this "water- ice" in the crater, and they blow it to smithereens!"Yes uh, we found that there was in fact a large supply of water on the moon,and we have inconclusive evidence supporting the delivery of water to the Moon and the Earth.""Fantastic! does that mean we can use it as a water source for the eventual establishment of a manned base on the Moon?""Welllllll, we kinda......vaporized it"When I first heard about this I immediately thought of this sketch.

US spacecraft se…

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Single Ladies

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This Saturday  at my house. And you're all welcome to come (please :) ). There will be BBQ(pizza on the bbq maybe?). Beer. Swimming. Jacuzzi-ing. Smores. Loud Music. Etc.


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There IS a god

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Scanning is kind of a long process, I'm not patient enough to scan them all at once so I'll post in sets as I scan them.Hope you like them! I'm sending the film from the caves day out to dwaynes this week.

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CORPORATE WATER! CONSENSUS! I'd really love to have dinner with the camera man.How embarrassing :(

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Who is coming with me?I've said this for the longest time,  but I watched this documentary with my mom a few weeks ago and it really sparked my interest in going again. Day trip? Camping trip? Just look at the place!

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Dont Vote

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